What is the hardest instrument to learn?

The hardest instrument to learn is an instrument, because there’s lots of things you need to learn. But you can definitely pick at the bottom and use techniques from other instruments to get more comfortable.

What are the best instruments to learn?

For sure, the first thing you’re thinking is, “This will help me understand my songs better.” So then you go, “Okay, maybe they’re a bit boring. I don’t really like it. I can listen to this other stuff.” And then you go, “It’s this other stuff. I don’t need to learn any of these other tunes.” So if you’re not confident with your musical abilities, you’re not going to know how to pick an instrument.

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What are the things that are the most important things to learn?

For sure: the basics in terms of chord progression, the basic rhythms for every instrument. You should know where every note comes from, what the root does, the note of the third, what the chord is and what the notes would be if you went from the C to D. So that’s the basics, that’s all you need to know about it.

Now, I do a little bit of chord sequencing, but you don’t need to, because there are a bunch of chords that fit together. Just keep in mind, if it’s a song written around D, it’s probably going to have major blues notes to it somewhere, so make sure you know that, but when it comes to picking your instrument, you just have to work it out.

When you pick an instrument, what was your first impression of it?

I liked the tuning a lot, so I’m sure you can play it. You just need to know that it fits the song. My first attempt at playing it was using just two fingers. Then a friend at work said, “Well, you know, you need to play the whole thing with one hand. It’ll be kind of easier.” Then I just played the whole thing one-handed all night, and I was so excited, and I had to stop and go back and start again.

Did you have to teach yourself the instrument?

No, I taught myself. I learned using chords and basic drum patterns. The hardest things to learn, for sure, is chord progression, so I had to practice a little bit more than other people learning a new instrument, and I couldn’t even get to the first chord. But