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How did you develop the concept for the band?

What are the most important lessons you learned?

You’ve got five years to get it all figured out. You will go through a lot of phases in your life. It’s the time that will guide you right into the moment.

The UK is “in a very strong position” to take on Donald Trump in the US, Theresa May has said, urging the White House to “be bold” and follow up Brexit with an initiative to “build that country”.

She gave further ammunition to David Davis after it emerged that the Brexit secretary had instructed his civil servants to prepare contingency plans to deal with a Trump presidency.

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Ms May made the remarks in her first official visit to Washington, where she is now hoping to secure her position after the EU referendum.

“I know that there have been some very difficult days but I think that we can be better than we are doing. We are in a very strong, very successful position to take on Donald Trump in the United States,” she told reporters, saying she felt she could work with her American counterparts more effectively than “what we have been seeing in the United Kingdom”.

“I am particularly excited by the great opportunity we have here in the United States, where we can do what we do best, which is work with our American partners from the United States Department of State, and certainly be bold and show the world a British approach to the United States,” she added.

Her visits to Washington followed a similar visit last week to Europe, where the UK government and other EU leaders have agreed to develop a counter-strategy to Mr Trump’s “America First” policy. One senior official has described it as a plan to “destroy” the European Union.

“The European Union is the single largest market in the world and, at its heart, is about trading across borders,” Ms May said at the Capitol, flanked by the first lady Michelle Obama and EU representatives, including the European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, and his French counterpart, Michel Barnier.

Shape Created with Sketch. Brexit racism and the fightback Show all 9 left Created with Sketch. right Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. Brexit racism and the fightback 1/9 Demonstrators protest against an increase in post-ref racism at London’s March for Europe in July 2016 PA 2/9 These cards were found near a school in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire,

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