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What’s the fastest way to learn a song on guitar? Most guitar players will have a hard time with scales that are complex or require lots of hand work. If you are a beginner looking to learn basic chords or songs on guitar, you won’t have to invest as much time as most people think. The two main things to learn quickly and easily are picking chords and scales. I recommend reading all the articles on different scales and learning at least one chart from each section. Learn the chords and how to perform them on the guitar. Then, learn to play that scale over and over again on the guitar. If you aren’t good at playing the notes and chord changes and playing at the speed it takes for you to learn these, you probably won’t be good at playing them fast enough to really get to grips with them. A lot of people who are not comfortable with learning basic melodies and phrases will need to learn chords and scales first. However, if you have any experience with scales and memorizing chord changes, even if you are not a beginner, you will have a lot of fun learning chord and scale melodies. Guitar is very different to any other musical instrument. It requires such a wide variety of skills that it needs a lot of practice and patience. The majority of players will want to know how to learn new songs, play scales and create chord changes on the guitar and in the piano. Even some guitar teachers say that some students aren’t ready to learn scales and melodies in the basic and fast way many players take, let alone the faster ways of learning chords and chords. I’ve seen many players that are extremely good at learning scales and chords only play them once a year or maybe never at all, while some guitarists get a good number of lessons with scales and melodies a week or sometimes two a day. Even some players want to learn only chords and play them in their heads, while others want to build their chord progressions in their heads first and then move from chords down to the guitar in their heads. Many players also want to learn a song in the style of some of the best guitarists or singers on the scene. You can learn songs in a pretty quick way when you memorize chord progression

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