What is the easiest song on guitar?

The easiest one is not in the band, it’s in me.

Didn’t you write “I Am All That I Can Be?” to talk to yourself about the things you’re working out?


Tell me about it.

It was in a movie called ‘Fury,’ which was a movie of the 1930s, and I was in the film, and the lyrics were very important, because I thought about my experience, and I knew that my life was a bit like an out-take — like a movie in the movie. Sometimes I’d take out some stuff the audience’s not supposed to see, and people would say, “That’s not right, that should’ve been in it.” So that was the only one you’d find in the film. And it sounded to me, if I can put it this way, like I did some stuff to myself to find it. I would sit there and listen to songs, see if there was something about it that I found particularly poignant or whatever and then I’d go into the studio and write it as part of the film.

What songs should we be playing?

Anything you want. It is something I have written for years. I don’t try to do my own stuff necessarily, but sometimes, depending on what’s going on, it makes good music. I have a lot of favorite bands that I’m a huge fan of [laughs].
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Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing next?

What do you want me to do now?

In December you toured with The 1975.

That’s a good one for you. It was great.

And you’re playing with some other artists next.

Yes, I am. And my kids love them for what they are.

SOUTH SHORE, Va. — A Virginia state senator was elected yesterday to serve the remainder of his term.

The two-term Republican, who is an ally of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, won easily in South Shore, bringing his total victory margin to 16% of the statewide vote.

“I am thrilled I was able to secure this victory over an incumbent that was the target of so much negative advertising,” said Sen. Jeff Jackson as he defeated Democrat John Easley by just a few hundred votes. “He has put me in a bad position that has taken away my personal liberties, but I have chosen instead to focus on my responsibilities in the United