What is the easiest guitar to play?

If you are working on one particular skill that it is the easiest one to learn, that is a good thing. For example, one should know how to play the chords in a certain style, one should know a musical style and should know how to interpret your musical style into a guitar and learn some good guitar chords and chords with which you can play those. If you do not know how to do what you are learning do not learn it. Also, learning a guitar is not a problem if you know about several other guitar styles first, but you are not going to learn them all in one session. You need to listen to various guitarists and learn about them, and it will take some time, depending on how many time you invest in practicing guitar.

Do you have a background music?

No. My music in music school has been instrumental. I do not own any other music or instruments yet. Most of my songs were composed using my own instruments and I would play them live in clubs and concerts. It is not very easy to compose a song from scratch, so it might have taken me a while to make music. Also I have very low self-confidence, which made some of my songs hard to come by and people would not even invite me to their concerts.

Do you have a style of guitar playing that others do not know?

No. Every guitar player has an individual style, and every style is different. I am a guitarist who plays traditional guitar and is not a virtuoso. I am able to play pretty much all styles of guitar with ease, but I need your input and suggestions.

You are a singer, what is your style?

Yes, a singer. I have been a singer since I was a little kid, and I have always sung the same song at the same time in different styles and I would also tell the audience that I am singing that song in a different style. I would have a solo and sing the same songs during a concert or at home, and then I would do this some more songs. Most of the time I would try to find out from my songs what the song is all about and what the meaning is.

I am a graduate student in Computer Science, and I’ve spent about a year learning and testing a new programming language for iOS and Android. It is an open source language called Dart (pronounced “dast-ee” – meaning bright as well as awesome). This post is about my impressions so far