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I have just discovered, with this very instrument, the one I used as a child. I was playing on the piano when I was a kid, and it was a real treat. I’ve been playing it as late as 1970. The keyboard is the most difficult, but the strings are the most relaxing. I do not know if it’s a good idea to do other things than what I do, because if you’re not playing guitar when you do it you have no idea how to do it when you play it later.

What was your early education?

I began by learning the piano. I was fascinated by how musicians could play the same thing for two bars, three bars, and the next line had to be three bars long. This fascinated me and so I bought a record player and played the same song on two different records. This is how I started learning how to play.

Why was music such a natural thing for you?

Some of the things that I love are things like nature, such as birds, the earth, and the sea. I think all of these things are great and I feel a sense of awe upon seeing them. Also, when I listen to what my son is writing, I feel a lot of hope and the ability to be inspired. This is why music is a good motivator in a child because there is always something to look forward to in life.

Can you describe your relationship with music?

Music was never the way that I felt music should be, but after I started playing, I discovered a way to express myself that became quite pleasing to me. It doesn’t sound quite in tune, but just by a change of the notes it all fits together, and it becomes interesting. Some artists give us only one direction and this is fine with me because I don’t care what direction they take the song in. I just play, whatever will give me the most pleasure.

What can our readers expect to happen at the 2015 Dicks Picks show that’s scheduled for Thursday, June 27?

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I will be onstage to help my son with a guitar lesson. I am playing some acoustic pieces, and I’ll be doing a solo for myself. I can’t remember the name of this guitar solo, but I would like to see my son get the idea. I don’t even look for that in music because I have a hard time finding that to play.

If I could pick only one favorite song for any time of day

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