What is a good cheap guitar?

A good cheap guitar is any guitar with a simple and easy to bend neck that will work well for the beginner guitar beginner

Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson - Lead Guitar Tricks and Licks in E ...
You’ll start out with something that fits your style. We like to call them “beginner guitars”. For more information on beginner guitars, check out this handy article. For some great cheap guitars, check out these reviews:

A man who was jailed for three months after beating a Muslim friend on Valentine’s Day was found ‘unfit to stand trial’ on Friday.

Mohammed Khairul-Adil Al-Mansour, 27, used his fingers to beat the man in the street outside a nightclub and then stole the knife, a court heard.

But Judge Martin McVeigh QC ordered the Saudi prince, who has been living in the UK since his early 20s, to serve his sentence in an Islamic prison.

‘They are very harsh and cruel sentences … If you think you aren’t fit to stand trial, I suggest you don’t go to trial,’ the judge told the defendant in what he called his ‘most severe ruling’.

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Shattered: Mohammed Al-Mansour (pictured) was jailed for three months for beating Mohammed Al-Kanjawi (pictured) as she made out with a man at a nightclub

Mansour was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and theft.

Mr Al-Kanjawi, from Manchester, claimed he had been left ‘physically injured’ in the beating, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Mohamed Al-Mansour (pictured) was jailed for three months in February after he used his fingers to beat Mohammed Al-Kanjawi (pictured) as she made out with a man at a nightclub

She had been ‘playing darts’, he said of the time after the attack.

She said: ‘I just thought he was making a joke about me. He had one finger and it cut me and I fell over.

‘He slapped me and started hitting me.

‘I said ‘no you’re hurting me.’ I asked him ‘what are you doing?’

‘He ran off and got out of his car yelling ‘I was joking mate.’

She added: ‘I got up to the street about 20 yards away. He followed me a little bit bit but I said “come and talk to me” and I followed him around a bit.