What is a good age to start guitar lessons? – How To Learn Guitar Chords And Notes Chart

From your point of view, who would you be picking for this question?

There has been so much discussion of “good ages to start lessons” that if the topic comes up in a conversation with any musician, it’s usually related to the age of guitar lessons.

However, the majority of guitar lessons we receive have taken place within the 15-25 year age range. How is this?

First, let’s see what the industry has to say about the reasons for the increasing age of guitar lessons and what they mean for the music industry;

Music industry expert Dan Deacon says,

“We’ve gone through a period where some young guitar players are starting out and getting advice from adults over the phone, and other young musicians are getting music lessons from professional musicians, the internet or a friend who plays live guitar. We’ve got enough players starting at 16 or 17 to support that.”

When I speak to musicians in their 20-30 years of age, the vast majority are just like me – they are beginning lessons after getting their first guitar, but they are still learning what a chord system is and how important finger work is within the song.

Some also use guitars as their first instruments because they are more comfortable with them. It is not the guitars themselves that are responsible for the young artist’s development; it is the music.

While I can see that some older guitar players are uncomfortable with fingerwork, and are more comfortable with chord charts, some don’t learn guitar until age 20.

I know of many young musicians who want to learn to play guitar and are frustrated and anxious because they are not being led to the music from the beginning.

A few years ago I played a local club and was amazed at how young the crowds were. It’s rare that I’ve ever seen a band play more that 20, 25, or 30. It was like being in a school playground. I believe the age of your audience is a factor in how much you can bring to the music, which is why it’s important to begin a guitar lessons at a young age.

I remember a local school in Northern England where a lot of kids were studying. They had a “C” club that consisted of three grade 9 class. The kids sat in a circle, played each other games of football and tried to outduel each other. One of the kids, who was a bit older, decided to play guitar, which was not his first instrument.

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