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It’s probably that everyone knows about the pentatonic and diminished or pentatonic blues scales. These scales are the most used of the main chords used in many classical music styles. They use a regular 3/4 interval over the first, third or sixth fret to generate chords that fit the key. There are more than 100 of these scale shapes available. However, the most common are the triads, in which you play the note of the triad (e.g. C, D, E, F), but then play each note in a different way to create a new sound.

How do I go from a minor and major chord to a triad chord?

The process of changing the sound of the scale is very simple to do. There are two ways of changing a scale, the major third and minor third. The major third scale is used to represent major chords as a whole tone in the key of C. So to change from a tonic chord to a third, you’d move the G to the third above the A, for example. The minor third scale is used to generate new chords in the key of C – for example, in the key of G in which you play the chord of E in the key of F. These two scales are used to replace the major scale with triads. So to do a major third and minor third, first you’d play the C chord and then the F chord in the key of G. It works very well for the G chord. Next, you play the second G chord, then the E in the key of G and finally the third G in the key of C – using the triads.

So in the key of A in which the first G chord is F, you’re playing E G G F B and C G C C (C#, Eb, F#, Db). So if you played this at a low-middle volume and the note C was up high, it would sound like this:

The other way of changing a scale is through the diatonic series. A diatonic series is a way of combining a regular 3/4 interval with the interval between that scale note and the next scale note. As this interval is diatonic, it generates a new chord in the key of C:

That’s all there is to it!

How do I change the type of sound a guitar makes?

Changing the tone of a guitar isn’t really all that different

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