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The average price of full guitar lessons per month is $70. That’s the most expensive way of learning guitar, and a bit less than the most expensive cost of a computer. Even if you’re just learning basic jazz guitar, the guitar lessons are still a lot cheaper than a $500 computer in an office. Of course, there are all these extra costs related to recording music. Recording equipment, production equipment, a computer, the need to send the music to players, and so on.

This is a general breakdown of those expenses and, of course, there are the additional costs connected with recording and releasing a full album. It’s hard to believe you can do it all yourself, especially in the music business. But if you learn and produce music professionally, you’ll surely see how expensive this really is!

How do you decide what type of lessons can be included as a part of training an aspiring guitarist?

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How to Buy More Than 15% in an Hour?

A new video (above) from the United Nations and the Arab League has sparked a huge international backlash on social media. A woman describes in graphic detail how she was sexually assaulted by US soldiers stationed at a military base in Iraq.

The video comes as the United Nations has called an emergency meeting in New York on Wednesday morning where they will discuss the US military’s handling of sexual assault involving its armed forces.

There are two separate lawsuits against the Afghan soldiers currently under investigation. One is pending in the US federal court in Columbus, Ohio in which it alleges:

“The plaintiff was physically raped and sexually assaulted by male soldiers of the 7th Cavalry Regiment on January 15, 2008, in the vicinity of Camp Leatherneck. Plaintiff was treated at the hospital in the United States by a military medical personnel (i.e., the Captain) assigned to the 7th Cavalry Regiment.”

The United Nations claims

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