What do guitar lessons cost? – Best Way To Learn Guitar For Adults

You should not buy any guitar lessons on Fender. We don’t offer any discount, we only offer high quality guitar lessons from top guitar instructors who use only the most current curriculum. Check out our Fender Guitar Lessons Buyers Guide for all the important info to help you choose the best price.

What is “learn how to play with chords”

“Learn how to play with chords” is a comprehensive, video based instrument training curriculum designed to train beginners’ finger skills to create and sustain chord progressions and to add rhythm, melody, and lead/chorus to their playing. Learn to play guitar like a pro and the first steps to learning with a soloist of any skill level are included. This will not only teach you how to play chord progressions at the beginner level but also to perform songs from start to finish with your own accompaniment. You’ll also get more information, guitar knowledge and more confidence to take that next step with your own playing.

How many lessons is it?

We offer 5 different guitar lessons, 1 day and 1 weekend. With the 5 different lessons you will learn to use, practice and master these simple guitar chords in a practical manner:

You’ll learn to play a simple 6 to 7 note chord

You’ll learn a 6 to 7 note chord with all 7 notes of the scale

You’ll learn 7 note chords from all 7 notes of the scale

You’ll learn guitar chord progressions like the A minor ii V I

You’ll learn chords with melody, harmony, and rhythm

You’ll learn how to add rhythm, melody and lead to your playing

You’ll practice new songs and songs you already know

You’ll play and review songs of your own creation

You’ll learn to write songs and song lyrics in Guitar Hero or other music making apps

You’ll practice the guitar along with your music making app

You’ll learn how to use a drum machine, metronome, or other simple techniques to perfect your playing.

Do you have to pay to be a student?

Not at all! We only have a small payment system in place when we need money for lessons. But you can still get them if you’d like:

When you start learning guitar with Guitar Hero, use the Play button on the right side of the app to play a song on any of the 5 different lessons with the song you just finished. You’ll get 5 minutes to play this

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