What are the basic guitar chords?

G1 = Cmaj7, Bb7, Dmin7, Fmin7, G7
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The Cmin7 is an E♭ minor chord and is used to replace a B7 chord.

This chord does not have any notes in major or minor. It can only be played from A7 to 9. The reason is because it has a G7 in the key of A, which is the first note.

G2 is the Cmaj7 in F♭major.

To see more about the A chord in F major take a look at A7b5

Bb7 can be found in a lot of jazz guitar pieces, such as this cool piece by John McVie.

Dmin7 is a Cmaj7 chord used to replace an E major chord.

Here you can hear a Dmin7 in some of the tunes below.

The chord is used as a root note in G7, A7 and Dm7 chords. It can be found in the key of E-flat minor, the same key as the Dmin7 chord.

So, if you take a look below at what the chord is in G7 (G), A7 (Bb7) and Dm7 (D) you will see that it’s an E minor chord.

Click here to hear how to use the G major chord in E-flat minor.

Cmaj7 can be played as the sixth note of the A7 chord.

There aren’t any notes in the Cmin7 chord.

This Cmaj7 chord can be found in the key of E, the same key as the Cmaj7 chord used as a replacement of the E minor.

Eb7 can be played as the C major third note (which is a major 3rd chord).

It does not contain notes in the chord. The reason this chord exists is that it is derived from the Eb9 chord, which is used in the Dmin7 chord above.

The third note of the Eb7 chord is C major. The reason it is a G major chord is because the Cmaj7 has a G9 in the key of E, which is the key of C.

If you took a look at how this G major chord is derived from the Eb9 chord let’s hear how this G major chord is also derived from the