What are the 5 basic guitar chords?

There are many different ways to use this. You are going to learn how to play a guitar chord from the root position.

When will I learn this?

Learn to play these guitar chords as an introduction to the guitar chord progression.

How will you go about learning the basic guitar chords?

The key to learning these chords is that you will study them in isolation, and then apply them to your own guitar solos. The goal is to build up more skills on your own with each of these songs.

Are you ready to start?

Start learning these guitar chords by using the free 6-7 day guitar lessons to learn more.

The guitar chord progression

Guitar chords are an integral part of the guitar chord progression.

If you learn them in isolation there are going to be a few mistakes.

By learning the basic guitar chord progression you are going to be able to improvise chords with these chords for extended periods of time.

Click here for the Guitar Chord Progression PDF.

Guitar Chord Exercises

You will quickly begin to develop your ability to use these guitar chords. To practice these exercises, use the Guitar Chord Exercises form.
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Click here to download the Guitar Chord Exercises form.

The 4 basic fingerings

There are a number of different ways to use these guitar chords.

These are all fingerings.

Guitar Chord Fingerings

When learning how to use these guitar chords you need to learn how to apply them to your own material. There are 7 fingerings that we will now use to learn how to write guitar chords out of these chords.

Guitar Chord fingerings – root position

Here are the 4 primary options:


To know that you know how to use these fingerings, start by playing these 7 chords out of each finger.

Now the question becomes what to play, the order of the songs. Once you know that, then you are ready to choose the key of the song and what chords to work from, or to work from a chord progression.

The key of the song is always the last chord you learn!

Click here to learn how to play these guitar chords in your guitar solos.

Guitar Chord Tricks with Chords

Now that you know how to use the above finger