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Let’s compare some of the most common guitar chords.

Chord Description Lydian Major Triad (sharp 9, 3rd 7, 1st 9) Dm7(7) (d♯7, m7) (7th)
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This chord is used in a lot of blues and rock songs.

To play this chord, just drop a 7th and play as though it’s Gm7(b13, dm8), and you’ll get the same result.

You often see Cm playing this chord.

If you use a G major triad for the Cm chord, you’ll get a Gm7(b13, Cm9) chord.

This chord has the same 3rd as the Cm chord, so if you play the 2nd from the right, you get a Gm7(b13, Cm9)+3rd.

Dm7 (7) in this chord is a minor 7th chord .

To create this chord, you need to drop three tones below the A5 in that string.

That can be done by dropping a fifth below the b3, and you get a Gm7(b13, Cm9).

When you play the chord as a major 7th chord , the 2nd is lowered by 1, so you get Cm9(b13, Cm9), which means that it is a minor 7th chord.

To take this as a Dm7 chord, you have to drop a fifth, so you get Cm9(b13, Dm9).

This chord is also used to create the C major triad (D, D, E) chord.

I highly recommend playing Cm7 to create this chord.

And if you want to keep the scale the scale as you would normally, you just lower the third a half step below the root from 2nd to 3rd.

If you drop half a step below the root, which is what you do to make this major 7th, you get Dm7(5, 5, C.

If you play this major triads and minor 7th chords with C as you normally start, it will look like this in a bar

You can always try to play the chord as you normally do, by using a different guitar.

This will take advantage of the natural vibrato

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