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Cmaj7 / Cmaj9 = Bm7 / Dm7

A = Cmaj7 / D7

B = G7 / Bm11

A = Am7 / Fmaj7

B = Am9 / Cmaj9

I know you’ve written a lot about music theory, have you ever heard of the “Maj7 chord”, what is the Maj7 chord and how is it used, how do you use it on guitar.

A maj7 chord is written as an octave above the root. In other words, for the maj7 chord, if it’s not in the root position, it’s on the 3rd string. So a G7 chord on the 4th string is G7. So the first time you hear the word Maj7 don’t fret it, because it’s always a G7 in the 4th position. But if you do fret it, the other finger will play as G.

Gmaj7 chords are used to create the sound a lead guitarist usually needs, this is because the fifth fret will be the most relaxed. But we do have two exceptions. The Bm7 chord (Bb) is played on the 5th fret, but a G7 chord (C7) is played on the 4th fret, because there are a lot of 4th strumming strings in any of the chords. So the C7 chord can be played on a 5 th fret, or if that’s too much for you, you can take all the 4th strings and play them.

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So there are three main types of maj7 chords, and their names are as follows:

Maj7 A Cmaj7 B Cmaj7 A Cmaj7

So what are the most famous guitarists that use maj7 chords?

In this chart we have listed some of the most popular guitarists that use maj7 chords when playing with melody. You can click on the name of a name to see more information including the song and the artist that they usually played in the past.

Click on the artist name to see their full name and how many songs they have in their discography.

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