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All three main guitar chords are very common on guitar scales. They are the root of all other chords except the 7th.

In order to play all three chords with respect to other chords of the key, you’ll always play them from the root, 3rd and 5th.

You need to know that for every other chord, like the 7th, which has a particular sound, you also need to know 3 chords that are the same sound, but that have a different sound, like Dm, D, G, Am and Ab. If you just play a Dm6, you are missing all the chords that fit into the Dm7, Am7 and Ab7. What you need to learn is that in the 7th, you need to know a D6, Dm6, M6, Am6 or Am, G6 or Abg.





Gm7, Am7 and Ab7 are the major chords.

You will learn that the other two kinds of chords – maj7,7 and sus7,7 and are easy to play. You cannot even tell that a maj7 chord has a specific sound.

The only chord that it may sound is in a major key – C, D, or F, but you need to know all those chords to know the major chord, C. The others are usually known using a fingering, that you can see on the picture below.

C D F – all the other chords are known from that fingering.

The same applies to sus7,7 and the Dm7 – these are known from the fingering.

C – E F – those four chords are known from the fingerings.

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Now you see why all other chords are written as G or C and not A, G and C. All other chords have the same sound. You can use them to fill in a minor chord, which will give you the sound of the minor chord that you want.

The reason behind this is that a C, G and Cmaj7 should sound similar in every type of music that uses C, G, E. You will notice that all other chords are like the G or Cmaj7 only with more chords.

If you want to learn how to play minor triads or maj7

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