What age is good to start guitar lessons? – Learn Guitar Chords Ipad App

A guitar lessons for children should start at age 6.

How much does it cost to start guitar lessons?

It’s not much.

Will I get to choose my teacher?

We have three different styles of teaching and each one has its own style of lessons.

Will my instructor know my music?

You’re going to meet someone new, but he or she will know the basics.

How much is the cost to start lessons?

There’s no cost, just a few small monthly payments.

Do you offer travel?

Yes — the cost to travel to a lesson varies depending on the location but it typically costs $100 a month.

What do you teach your students?

There are two approaches:

The classical approach, where one would learn to play the basic melodies from the baroque era using classical notation and music theory.

The more modern approach of developing music knowledge by creating an improvisation program, for an end-product that sounds just like an early recording.

Will your teacher go to different schools?

We offer the traditional music education school to all students. They will find their own instructor. To ensure that they are receiving a quality education, the teachers attend workshops, seminars and schools in different states.

What are the courses taught?

We offer the classical music education as a two-semester program for all students. The four days are designed to give the student a strong foundation in music theory and history. The four days will begin with a performance, and continue to build each student through the progression of music theory, music notation, guitar, and improvisation. Classes are taught by the instructors at various locations.

What are the options for learning lessons?

Traditional piano, guitars, drums & ukulele lessons

Traditional guitar, drums, and ukulele lessons

Improvisation and music theory classes for beginner level

What is the music of Italy?

Italy is the home of the great guitarists. Their music is complex and has deep roots in the music itself. Their guitarists are masters of improvisation, melody, harmony and composition.

Who are the best guitarists?

We’ve had some wonderful guitarists at our lessons and many students have made great progress. You might have heard of them:

Dino Rastelli,

Giorgio Moroder,


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