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How does one stay motivated? Should a beginner learn to play or buy a guitar?”

I was very confused by these questions.

I was in high school at the time, and I did not know much about playing guitar. I knew that it was possible to play guitar, but that I had to decide whether it was worth the investment. I was told at that time that one had to make that decision for themselves on their own. I was not sure whether I would want to do what I was told. However, later that night my friend introduced me to Charlie Miller – who now is the author of the book The Guitarists Way. He became interested in me because he was interested in learning how to become a guitar player. Charlie was a little older than me and played a lot of guitar. One day, he showed me some of his songs on his phone. What was incredible to me was that all of the songs I listened too were in the style of Charlie Miller songs, he had already written some of them. I started listening to some of the songs he brought me and was struck by their authenticity. It was exactly what I wanted to be exposed to.

Charlie Miller has helped me realize that, if I want to play music I must study myself and know how to play the way I want to sound. Even in this very short period of time I have learned that learning guitar is very worthwhile.

What can you tell me about some of your favorite guitar books?

The first book I was exposed to when I was in high school was Charlie Miller’s book The Guitar Players Way. It is a book full of lessons that can help beginners learn how to play the guitar, including basic guitar chords and scales, as well as chords that become easier if you know about chords and scales, and what is going on when you practice and progress on the guitar. The book is also very informative.

The second book that I enjoyed the most was “Learning to Write Music for Guitar” by Dave Goelz. I was still in high school and was very into music, and it was fun to learn it while playing with a group of friends.
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The book is well written, in a way I am glad to have learned at that age. It includes a ton of tips and tricks. It is also extremely helpful and motivating.

The third book, when I was a high school student was called Guitar Savant by Dan Johnson. It was written especially for people who would like to learn to

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