Is it hard to learn guitar by yourself? – Guitar Tutorial Pdf Free Download

No. I get to go to lessons with a bunch of amazing players. It’s really like an orchestra. There’s an entire audience that’s in the room that can support anything I have to say. That’s why I am so much more passionate about it.

How long have you been playing guitar?

I always loved it because it was such a solitary passion. I was kind of introverted and like not very social, but I still loved it anyway. I was only 10 or 11 when I started. I don’t know why I did it so young. It’s just a huge thing that keeps me motivated. It’s a huge thing that I can get my hands on.

You got into guitar because you felt like there was a void in music. How long did that take you? How did the first guitar teacher help you get started?

I started learning guitar by the time I was 14. My mom helped a lot, but I was really focused on playing music on my own. It was difficult, because I was really shy at the time, and everybody was giving me such a hard time. I was kind of a pain in the ass. Everybody wanted me to sing or dance or play the drums, and I was like, no, I’m gonna play guitar. My mom was very kind and supportive. At the time she was more into classical music, and that helped me out a lot. When I started getting into more contemporary music, I was really confused, because most of the music that I hear on the radio is super hard to listen to. My mom encouraged me to try out what I was into first, and I found out that guitar is really cool and it is really easy to learn.

So what are your expectations when you’re teaching someone guitar?

My first goal is to give them a strong foundation so that I could take whatever they want. I want to take something that they are playing, and make it stronger so that they can play it even harder. I want them to get so involved so that I can have a conversation about their musical journey and how to connect more with it. I want them to know how to work together to try more complex solos and make that sound. I don’t want them to see me get in a vocal booth until after they have played every song. I want them to do it like a piece of cake.

When you’re teaching, what is your approach to teaching the beginner, the intermediate, and

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