Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – Justin Guitar Lessons For Beginners

No. The answer is more complicated — but it can help you decide whether or not you’re ready.

“You have to be 16 or older to get a guitar,” says Joe Williams, Ph.D., a music psychologist in Vancouver, Washington. “They’re not intended to be played with their hands, and it’s not a physical instrument.”

In fact, he says, guitarists at an early age are “not as advanced as they need to be.”

That’s not strictly true. In order to play the guitar, you use your arms and hands — but not fingers or hands at all. And at 12, you’ve only just started to develop the muscles that carry your chords.

“I see so many people who grow up believing they play the guitar just fine. But as soon as they play a chord, they’re going to lose their rhythm — they’ll stop playing what they’re doing, and they’ll start improvising new things,” he says.

“Then they’ll keep on and on, and that’s when it starts to lose the power of what they were doing before, and they’ll sound very bad as the songs become older.”

The problem, says Williams, is you’re already having trouble finding the right tone as you get older; it’s easy to come up with a bunch of chords but not a single tone that works. You start to improvise.

“This isn’t new, even in kids. Everybody that I know who’s done improvising, has never had a good idea in a jam. They just kept on going. That’s fine — it’s a natural thing. But this is an advanced kid, and it’s harder for him to get into that state of mind.”

And as the music gets older, you start to lose your sense of timing and timing becomes more difficult to develop. That means you can go out to jamming events, but you can’t hold back. That means you get discouraged — and then, at 16, you start to see it as a lack of control.

“It’s getting really bad,” he says. “When you get close to 30, you’d better go find a kid who can help you out.”

And if you can’t find one, “I tell you, if you’re going to play guitar, you’d better learn to play it properly,” says Williams. “There’s so many shortcuts — even the people who play classical piano are using so

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