Is 22 too old to learn guitar?

We’re aware, I know, but that’s the age the child was when she started playing. That’s when she can begin taking on some of the more difficult areas of the instrument. This doesn’t mean she won’t get anywhere when she’s at the advanced ages as an amateur. At her early ages, a beginner’s skill will still be evident and her playing will be very basic – if that’s even possible – but it will still have the depth of an advanced beginner’s.

What about the pros?

The pros will never be able to reach those levels. By age 15, their playing will begin to mature and they’ll begin to be an excellent player already. Of course, they’re no slackers. But by the time they reach 18, they’ll be much better and in many instances, at least as good as an intermediate student’s. That said, the first few years of a child’s playing is the most crucial – especially for kids who have only been able to start playing guitar because of some parental or teacher influence.

Why play only once a month or once a year?

It’s not practical for all kids to play every day, and with good reason because it can lead to frustration, frustration that only becomes more difficult to overcome. For kids, it’s very important not to waste a week on the guitar because they simply aren’t good enough to play that regularly, and it is very frustrating when that frustration occurs. However, that doesn’t mean that every time a child plays guitar, it’s the best and greatest and best-ever performance. I’ve been in this profession for over ten years, and as often as a person can play on an instrument three or four times per month (the current minimum for most teachers), it doesn’t mean that they’re good at that instrument.


Good musicians don’t just play a given chord on any given day. They play a series of chords that follow one another very precisely. Then they perform a series of other songs and other styles to get a good idea of what this progression sounds like.

That’s good. Are there good songs to play from that range?

Yes, there are. It doesn’t matter if the child is one of the very few people in the entire world who has the innate gift that makes them “totally” able to play music from that range, or if they don’t have an extraordinary gift.

You say some kids can play a 12-bar