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Can you learn music better by sitting at the piano and practicing on your own? If the answer is “no,” then you better start now and I’ll be sure to send you a free video lesson on how you could help your child to master the instrument.

5. The piano is not a “good” instrument

In case you haven’t heard the news, the piano is a terrible instrument. Sure, you can play it, but it doesn’t feel good and you will soon get used to it. If your child has a guitar, he or she can play the piano, but that is just not as exciting as the feeling and sound of music.

“The greatest difficulty in learning any musical instrument is not in the learning but in the constant practice.” — Charles J. DeCoteau, professor

A piano could be taught in five minutes a day — in fact, it could take only seven, just like in an hour! If your child isn’t interested in piano lessons, play something else instead! Or, if your child is an excellent musician, learn to write pop music — it will be much more fun. Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong challenge, but it should also lead to a fulfilling life when a child graduates.

So what should our child do with this knowledge? The piano is fun and easy to learn, so it makes sense that many children do, in fact, use it for fun everyday. Of course, if you’d prefer your child learn an instrument for the enjoyment of music instead, that’s fine too! Just make sure you get him or her started early enough to prevent boredom and keep him or her occupied during the first weeks of learning.

Also, do not confuse the piano’s “good” and “bad” attributes, which make it good for children at the beginning, and bad at the end, as many parents still do.

The piano isn’t a good musical instrument. It is simply a musical instrument.

What Does It Mean to Learn to Sing On an Instrument?

You’re probably asking yourself: how can we help our child to become a talented musician, without teaching him or her everything of music? The answer is very simple: by encouraging and supporting your child’s artistic skills.

You shouldn’t just hand your child a score of compositions and expect him or her to write them — that’s no fun for children! Let your child enjoy the learning experiences that music provides. You should encourage him or her to

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