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How much do I pay to get the kind of instruction I want? How much should I pay to teach someone how to play guitar? What are my limits? Do you have an upper and lower limit which could make a huge difference? How much should I charge? I like the idea but how big should it be?

I like the idea but how big should it be? How often should I charge for these? The amount should be reasonable!

The amount should be reasonable! Should I accept payment in cash or in goods?

How easy should the payment process be?

What is a “good student”?

This term was coined to describe a beginner who has little time to dedicate to learning. As a rule, the more time you dedicate to something, the more quickly you’ll reach your limit.

I can play as a good student, but I never start any kind of course until my guitar is at the “good” level.

Some guitarists consider starting an instrument training as “starting” a guitar. The only purpose of starting an instrument training course is to improve your guitar playing and give you some hands-on experience. But, this requires that you have plenty of time to learn the guitar, and in my opinion, a good student should spend at least twice as much time as a beginner to become the better player and also to teach others. However, you’re only beginning to build a good repertoire and will probably finish it much faster. So, while it is true that starting an instrument training course is good to start, you should already have much more experience in the guitar (and you need to teach yourself on your own first) for it to be considered a good teaching technique. So I’ll leave this concept and the question of starting an instrument training course, for another time!

I need to start the course within a few weeks.

I just went through starting an instrument training course again. How long should I wait? How should I start?

For the beginner who wants to start an instrument training course, the “easy way” is to do it over again (and again) and learn as much as you can. If you have a lot of time, you can even go through more than one year. But remember, beginners can learn much faster if they work with an experienced teacher or coach, who will make them feel comfortable and give them good feedback.

For example, here’s an example of a course that started a few months before my

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