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You might think that a “honeymoon” period of getting on the right track and learning some interesting guitar will come right after getting your hands on a new instrument, but that’s not always true. Once you learn the basics of playing a guitar and a piece of music, there are a few things you should expect to learn as your guitar learning journey continues and grows.

In the first few days of owning an instrument you have to learn to find your instrument on the road or in your home. If you travel in a group or tour heavy, you might need new guitar strings and a guitar case, and the first week of touring can be pretty tough and challenging.

Some instruments that are difficult to learn to play and maintain on the road are acoustic and electric. If you pick up an instrument at a store, you may not know where to start on this front and it may take time to develop some skills. If you are traveling, you need to learn to set a good guitar down on a hard surface (a bass guitar, an electric bass, a flute), set it up, and play with some confidence. Also, be sure you have music lessons from time to time and that you are learning the correct guitar strumming pattern and tuning.

When you are not going places or are on the road, things can get complicated when you need to purchase new strings, an inexpensive guitar case, or have to purchase new guitar picks or tuners. If you have never gone to guitar school, a course to learn how to play a specific style of guitar is often required, as you learn the theory behind playing a single note.

Some guitar teachers will put you through a whole series of lessons before you have a chance to pick a style at your finger strength, so get used to the thought of getting all the lessons for free. The only way to find out whether or not the guitar courses are worth the money is to do them and learn at your own pace.

Are there guitar books that I should read before buying an instrument?

Probably not. Guitar books are filled with bad advice and poor advice. If you just want to play an acoustic guitar you will probably come to regret reading any book that talks about tuning your guitar, or how to play chords, or chord progressions, or any other guitar theory.
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If you want to study guitar theory for the first time in your life, a great place to start is by starting with a book called Guitar Theory for Guitarists

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