How much should I pay for guitar lessons? – How To Read Guitar

(How much music can I make with my guitar?) The Answer: It’s important to pick a price you’re happy with. Some lessons are better as a part-time hobby, some as a career-oriented job, while others are ideal for full-time practice. In addition, most guitar players need at least a half hour of guitar instruction per week in order to learn guitar skills that will be useful in their everyday lives.

This is a common issue that arises when new players come to grips with the concept of getting started on their first gigs. Even seasoned pros can get in trouble on price, when the cost of supplies, equipment and even some lessons will amount to a small fortune. There is no such thing as one-sized fit all when it comes to the beginner experience on Guitar Camp…it’s all about what’s best for you…so take the time to consider how much you’re prepared to pay, and that includes the cost of supplies and guitar instruction.

In order to make a decision based on your requirements and the value of the tools you are looking to acquire, you need to go through these questions and follow the steps outlined below.

Question 1: What is your budget/level of involvement? Why did you think of Guitar Camp?

2: What type of music will you like to play? Where will you take your gigs?

3: What type of guitar does you own? Which strings are currently in service?
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4: What is your learning style? Are you an “experienced player” for whom you’ll be attending lessons? Or are you just a beginner looking for some inspiration?

5: What are your current practicing habits in your guitar? Are you a rhythm player? You will want to make sure that you know how to play a few chord and arpeggiated scales in your primary fretting hand, with the rest of your fingers in check.

6: What is your general playing style/approach? Do you like to read music, study other jazz players’ compositions on CD or listen to classical music?

7: How many instruments are you willing to acquire in order to improve your technique? Is your goal to have 20 guitars before you graduate?

8: Are you willing to have an open mind? Will you be practicing different types of music, and will you be seeking out specific teachers?

9: Are you comfortable playing with others? Are you going to be comfortable having more than one guitarist, or

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