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The Season 7 StarSeries Season VI – Europe Qualifier is the fourth round of the StarSeries Season VII – Europe Qualifier. After a number of online qualifiers, eight teams qualified for the main event and played in a best-of-three double-elimination bracket.

Format [ edit ]

Double-elimination bracket

All matches are played in best of three matches

Winners’ and Losers’ matches are Best of Three

All matches are best-of-threes

Prize Pool [ edit ]

€11,000 (~6,450 EUR ) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Participants [ edit ]

Results [ edit ]

Bracket [ edit ]

Round of 16 ROOT Gaming 5 Fnatic 2 LGD Gaming 4 Team 8 4 Team Empire 2 LGD Gaming 0 Cloud 9 3 Team SoloMid 0 Natus Vincere 4 Fnatic 5 Natus Vincere 4 Cloud 9 3 Team Empire 4 Team SoloMid 4 Fnatic 5 Natus Vincere 3 Team Empire 2 Fnatic 5 Fnatic 2 Team Empire 3 Fnatic 1 Team SoloMid 2

Brackets [ edit ]

Quarterfinals ROOT Gaming 0 Cloud 9 2 Team Empire 0 Natus Vincere 4 Natus Vincere 8 2 Natus Vincere 0 Fnatic 5 Fnatic 3 Team Empire 1 Semifinals Cloud 9 2 Team Empire 3 Fnatic – Finals Cloud 9 1

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