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This page is about the “Magic Sword”. The “Slaying Sword” and “Lich’s Blade” both are considered better weapons.

Possible variations

Slaying sword (N)

The slashing sword has multiple hit points equal to its strength score multiplied by 10, rounded down. Also, like the Slaying Sword, a slashing sword cannot be enchanted. An elemental damage bonus only applies on “sliced” slashes, and ignores damage from other “sliced” attacks.

The slashing sword is also identical to a normal weapon. Only its weight and strength score is altered. In particular, a slashing sword has infinite durability, allowing it to be reused indefinitely, even after it reaches 0. It also deals double damage against demons.

Slaying dagger (2)

Another sword with a chance for +1 damage when slashing. Its damage is higher than that of a normal dagger, but only when used for slashing. However, unless the weapon is sharpened, the blade tends to break after a few hits.

The slashing dagger is also identical to a normal dagger. The only difference is that the weapon does not deal elemental damage, but instead ignores the damage for all other kinds of attacks (frost, lightning, shock, poison, and holy) and it does not increase the monster’s weapon damage on slashing.

Lich’s Blade (1)

The Lich’s blade deals elemental damage when striking a target. However, the weapon deals damage based on its size, so its damage on normal swings is less than the slashing blade’s.

Note that when a monster is wielding the Lich’s Blade, it does not receive the elemental damage bonus against monsters of a certain type, but only against those of its own size (see the monsters section).

Slaying Sword (1)

The slaying sword is a good choice for melee. However, the slashing blade does not do damage, but instead deals elemental damage

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