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Some good examples:

Bass Guitar Lessons Price/Hour: $50 per hour

$50 per hour Pedaling Guitar Lessons Price/Hour: $99

$99 Guitar Guitar Lessons Price per hour: $40 per hour

$40 per hour Guitar Lessons, Pedaling Lessons, Solo Guitar Lessons Price per hour: $120

$120 Guitar Lessons, Solo Guitar Lessons, Drum Lessons Price per hour: $350

$350 Guitar Lessons, Pedaling Lessons, Piano Lessons Price/Hour: $90

$90 Solo Guitar Lessons, Drum Lessons Price per hour: $60

$60 Guitar Lessons, Pedaling Lessons Price per hour: $35 Per hour.

This is the typical cost of guitar lessons on the guitar site!

What do I get for my money?

On the guitar lessons’ page, they list all of the costs that you are going to need to pay for, and give you a list of options.

When you pick the option to pay by the hour, the lesson costs vary on what they offer.
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This is really useful! Many people like to get the cheapest options that they can find, but I think many people also expect quality that is pretty good.

If you choose the option to pay per hour, you are only really paying for the hours that they do let you choose. If they want you to pay for more hours, they will let you pick the hours and then they will make it cost effective for you.

Here is a video on some of the best guitar lessons to get started with.

Another great site for guitar beginners! I recommend checking them out.

For more information, check out their guitar lessons section and their tips. (I have to leave this here as there are a lot of links)

More information on Guitar Lessons.

Guitar Lessons in a Box

One of the best guitar lessons websites you should check out!

Guitar Lessons in a Box’s curriculum is extremely detailed, covering pretty much everything you need to know to learn guitar with just a few resources!

If you want a completely beginner friendly guitar tutor, you can’t go wrong with Guitar Lessons in a Box!

If they just make these resources super simple to use (there are no free lessons on their site), that’s definitely a great thing.

If you’re looking for good quality guitar lessons, this is a great resource.

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