How much do guitar lessons cost per hour? – Can I Learn To Play The Guitar Online

In the UK, guitar lessons cost anywhere between £50 and £100 in the UK (depending on your location).

It generally ranges from £9 to £20 for a 12-hour guitar lesson, with prices varying according to the length of the session. If you have a budget of £40 or less, you could expect to spend just £6 per hour of your sessions.

In most cases it’s better to work out your exact budget beforehand; there are often more savings on cheaper teachers if you know what you want to do in the first place.

You should use an estimated cost when calculating your weekly spend and the cost of your sessions, and this will mean that you’ll end up spending more if you are looking to invest.

So how much are you likely to spend on guitar lessons?

A year’s worth of total cost – The amount you spend on a guitar lesson for a year. You might end up spending more on your lessons if you’re working through multiple guitar lessons, but a month’s worth of training costs an average of £90.

You don’t need to work this out to work out whether lessons will be cost competitive with some of the big name companies. I usually take an average price for a 12-hour lesson, add £9 for VAT and £40 for delivery (or the price of the instrument), and then estimate the total cost for a year on this basis.

If you get a more realistic estimate, then you can work this out for yourself.

A month’s worth of training costs £130 – A month of training will cost £130 (at the standard rate of VAT if you’re looking to buy anything). That’s on average £45 more than a month’s worth of lessons will.

Note: the price of your instrument plus VAT is also taken into account.

A year’s worth of lessons will cost £140 (at the normal rate of VAT if you’re purchasing nothing but a guitar, which would result in a total of £180, though that’s likely to be higher for larger guitars). So you’ll spend £90 for a year.

These two numbers are your monthly totals over a full year of lessons, which will be significantly higher for larger guitars when you factor in the delivery costs. The full year will still take into account the costs of the teacher, who will cost you between £125 and £175 for a full year’s training session (around £12 to £20 more than

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