How long does it take to learn guitar? – Learn How To Play Guitar Chords For Free

Most learners are able to learn a guitar in just a few weeks. Many learn it in a weekend by experimenting on paper – a great way to make a start on a song.

Where do you spend a majority of your time studying for guitar?

This is another area that I have never focused on. I’ve always wanted to make a significant amount of money teaching piano but don’t have the time to travel around constantly. I want to be able to teach guitar but only when I am inspired and I need to be spending time with students.

Where do you spend the majority of your money on lessons?

The majority of money I earn per session at my guitar lessons comes from the teachers. I have been lucky enough to work for very experienced guitar teachers who give me a good base and are willing to get me better on each lesson in turn.

Should I have my guitar set up in advance?

I don’t think this needs an answer. This will depend on your needs as far as whether or not you want to practise with it before going out to play. If you are just practicing as part of some jam session, it is worth having your practice space set up in an empty garage or workshop before you go out to play at venues.

What do you do after you have finished your guitar lesson?

As with piano lessons this is just to get a feel of playing on your own before going out on the road.

I was talking to one of my students, and asked how many hours is per week he could spend learning guitar in his spare time. He said he spends about 30 minutes per week learning guitar. I asked, why?

I got him to write down the questions out loud…

If you could teach a song for every day that you didn’t play anything, what would the song be?

There is no better song to learn guitar because it covers many different styles of music and it will let you really learn the chord structure of every song on stage as well as being good for practising with too.

Should I do a solo in front of a live audience?

I think this is good for a solo, but if you want to get better at playing at live gigs then my recommendation would be to not do a solo in front of live audiences until you are at least 20 or so years old and have more experience.

Should I learn to play a song on top of doing all other things?

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