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Learning to play an instrument takes time and practice. It goes beyond just playing a chord, or just picking notes and having the guitar pick them up.

For example, a guitar player might spend thousands of hours practicing and working on the basics like picking notes on their fingers, fingerings and the chord you’re in.

After that, they might spend hours practicing what the chords mean, the notes/settings of a chord, and learning chords scales.
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Practice. Practice. Practice.

Learn, practice, practice. Keep practicing until you can play it well enough to get your hands in the music.

3. Have Fun

Even if practicing is hard, it’s only one small step to learning. You’ll improve your technique, your feel for the music, and your confidence.

For example, your guitar won’t play the chords or the scale in the tune you’re studying without your hand.

A good practice routine isn’t necessarily about trying to practice every note of every chord; it helps you hone in on some areas of focus.

You can find the routine in How to Practice Guitar. (You’ll find it in the appendix of the book.)

For example, if you’re practicing chord progression exercises, you’ll be doing your best to make sure that the progressions are playing notes in the range you’re practicing.

4. Listen to Music

In your studies with The Blues Reader, we also talked about how to listen to music.

You need to listen to what others are singing or playing, and learn from where others are leading. You can always find ways to improve your skills if you want to.

There are many ways to improve, and you can choose your areas of focus.

Take this lesson to a high note as you study for the Blues Reader. (You can get to your high note in two weeks on the first lesson.)

Then try to play some of the same chords and notes as other students have played.

This will give you some insight on how others see things. (The Blues Reader is an introductory curriculum for anyone interested in blues.)

You can also try to use your guitar as a musical instrument too. I have a guitar teaching blog where you can find many more ways to practice guitar and find how music works. (In this post, you’ll see how jazz guitar practice can be a good way to improve your technique.)

5. Take a Break

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