How do you play C on guitar? – Guitar Primary Lesson

Here are the chords for an A major C chord on the guitar.

There are also 6 other C chords available in all key locations, including Dm7, E7 and F#7.

Learn the major triads on the guitar in this easy way.

The major triads of all keys are Dm, Em, Fm and Gm and that means there are 7 chords you can play all over the keyboard.

You can switch them on the fretboard, or use them as backing tracks in your exercises to test them out.

When learning the major triads, you can use any C chord as a reference point.

This means you can see what each chord sounds like when you play it using notes of a different key.

Don’t just use the first fret note of each chord.

Learn the keys and then use the same guitar chord as a reference, which will help you play the chord better in that key.

Here is the fretboard view of this C chord. The keys are D, E and G and the chord is C Major, G Major, C Major, Emm Major, D Em, Fm

Notice how the notes on the same string come together in the chord.

Here is where you can learn how to play C minor chords too.

The Major, Em, F and G triads of all keys are D, E, F and G.

These can be used as reference points when working out C minor chords over a Dm7 chord.

There are other Cminor chords around that you can learn, but those are the ones to start with.

There are six new chords you can learn, that are just chords you wouldn’t find anywhere else on your guitar.

This will help you move beyond guitar studies into playing your own songs, backing tracks and soloing on the guitar.

Learning them will also help you build your ear for playing melodies.

The fretboard view of the C C7 chords is shown on the keyboard.

The G Minor, Em, F and Gm triads of all strings are G,C,D and E.

These chords are perfect for soloing in their own right.

Here is what these chords sound like as you play them in the major key of A Major.
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They are played over the Dm7 chord.

I’ve put them on

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