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What will it look like? I’m trying to learn u tune a guitar, and I can only say that I haven’t had a chance.”

[on his son Tylor] “He’s not my best friend, but he’s still a fine young fellow.”

[on the death of his father, Vincent Van Gogh ] “I want to be just like him. The only difference is that he wasn’t really born when he was. I’m not so much like him as I am like a great poet or a great photographer … I’ve always loved the idea of being like him.”

[on his first love, being an actor] “I thought the best acting that I will ever do is to play somebody with a bit of a bad temper.”

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[on his childhood and childhood actress mother, who was addicted to cocaine] “That wasn’t my mother,” he protested. “There is no such thing as my mother’s mother, you know! She’s got an addiction, as well.”

If your first impression of America seems to be a country overflowing with American flag-waving patriotic patriots, you’re right. Our country is filled with men and women of many different ethnicities, and there’s never been much room for minorities. Despite what we hear, this isn’t true of every country or city in the world.

We at the The Realist are quite surprised that many people, mostly women, think every country will someday be completely American.

In countries such as Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, people are ethnically mixed from various ethnic minority groups. If an observer could have traveled to any of these places, they might have a different set of experiences from those who do not. This diversity is seen as a unique and special aspect of their culture and is often seen as a key part of their identity.

We thought it’d be interesting to take a look at those countries we consider to be the most diverse, and compare two sets of people in those places.

In the midst of many a heated argument between two players you’ll see and hear, an innocent bystander may well turn in to an ally in times of crisis, as his actions may not always be the most obvious.

I say innocent bystander, however, because it could be you that ends up in the middle of a fight.

If the scene is a lot of banter, a heated argument or a game of catch, you’re

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