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How do I pick a good guitar? Can I be a guitarist? Can I do something? What have we learned? What do we want to be? Is there a guitar for me? What guitar might be it? Can I do something like that? I think that I do want to be a guitarist.

When you first decided what that something was, were you doing it because your parents were going through the same thing, or did it start as the first thing you did at all?

The first thing we ever made was this thing that we called a bass rig. I had gotten my high school band together from a bunch of guitarists, and we were playing an American version of John Cage’s Piano Sonata on a bass rig, and it was really fun. For the first time I’d ever played a bass, and I had a bunch of people playing bass with one guitar, and everyone else was using an amplifier, a bunch of guitars, a guitar amp, and I had a bass, and it was just so fun to play, and we realized that you could have all these different instruments for so many different purposes, and it was a great thing.
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I remember you saying that you wanted to be a guitar player. I always thought of guitarists as being a lot more focused of their hobbies than they actually are. What did you decide that you wanted to be when you were still little, and what kind of influences came first?

My interests, I would say my interests started being my interest when I was four years old, and I would say at that time, my parents had a friend named Jack who did a band called the “Dodger Band.” At five-and-a-half years old I think, you’re just learning about all the different kinds of music, and I found out that we were very good at it, when the guitarist of my band, who was an amazing guitar player, was playing with the “Dodger Band.” We would write these songs, and we would learn all the words so we could do them live, and then in the eighties, after we started doing bands, I started learning about drumming and guitar playing a lot. I really took things from the “Dodger Band.”

I don’t know if you would say one kind of music or the other, but maybe guitar playing really led to things.

Yeah, I guess so, yeah. And then a lot of stuff happened through the music we were doing

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