How do I pick a guitar? – Best Way To Learn Guitar For Adults

There are hundreds and hundreds of guitarists across the country who can help you find what you like. Some people buy their first guitar at a discount and just move on to a new model. We offer competitive rates for those who just want to start playing. But we also provide a “no questions asked” no-obligation guitar loan with every purchase.
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Do I need a place to store my purchases? No. We have everything you need to play on your next guitar so you just go! But we do recommend you take a jacket and a pen (if you aren’t going by yourself).

Can I borrow a guitar or a bass from you during my lesson? Yes, we offer a no-needle-in-needle policy. This means your guitar and bass will always be in-stock when you start a lesson.

Does your guitar have a built-in cable? Many beginners find this useful, but not every guitarist has access to a microphone, so you may have to pay to add it.

When can I play? We can teach you almost anything once we give you the skills you’ll need. But if you go by yourself, we need to make sure you can play properly. The more we hear you, the more you’ll improve. We’ll also coach you on playing technique to help you play better in the lessons and on stage.

What if I can’t play well? If you can’t play good or at all, don’t worry. We’ll help you, even if you don’t play well. Most of our students can practice or play without a guitar at all – we’ll always play your guitar when you tell us to. If you want to practice during the class, we know many techniques to help! We also offer two optional tracks that will help you build a complete playing repertoire.

Does your guitar come with a set of strings? Many people want to play electric or acoustic guitar, but their teacher doesn’t have any. If you are planning on working with us to develop your playing, we have strings all over the place for you to choose from. We also have a selection of bass strings to help you build up your repertoire.

Do you have free lessons for beginners? We don’t have a lesson library or subscription plan available. All the guitar and bass lessons we offer are at cost, so we have no way to guarantee that we can teach you in person. If you want our guitar lessons for free, just ask for it during

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