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Well, you can’t play music in the same way that you play it with your hands, because your arms don’t make the same pitch. Your fret hand, your thumb, and your pinky are all playing a different octave than your other fingers. And if you’re not able to play your fingernails on a fretless guitar, how are you supposed to be able to play your guitar? But the reason you’re not able to play guitar is because of a nerve pathway malfunction. Your fingers and your tongue, that’s all they’re using, and when they’re not using that, the nerve pathway is just not functioning properly. And that’s all the nerves we have available to us as musicians. And you have to get some kind of an artificial nerve pathway for your fingers, because in people with this disorder, the nerves that go up into the roof of the mouth, where your voice comes out of, will literally be blocked, literally. We have that, as well, in people that don’t have the disorder. And most of the time, if you go down to your dentist’s office, you’ll get a filly who has the same problem.

It appears that the condition is a genetic one, so there’s no cure. And it looks like this syndrome may be the result of a mutation in a gene; unfortunately, that particular genetic mutation is not well studied. But, like, anyone who’s gone to college, has had a child, or has a family member with this condition is going to have one problem now and another, or two, whatever, at some point. And if you have a child that has this disorder, then it kind of gets on the table of “Oh God, when are you going to be able to put a denture in a kid? That seems like it’s not going to happen in my lifetime!”

But there have been some treatments that have been tried, in which people either give blood, or inject certain chemicals into the brain. But, the reality is that those substances have had absolutely no effect. It’s something they tried. There’s nothing else. So, the thing to do is just to do something.

And one of the ways that they’ve done this is that they have started to inject the patient with these drugs called corticosteroids. Some of these drugs make the patient feel very good for a few days. After several days, they begin to feel quite agitated and irritated. But then for several days, they’re able to

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