Does playing guitar help with anxiety? – Easy To Learn Guitar Songs Smoke Rings Boone

No, not really. However, if you are playing guitar with your partner or friends then you might be able to alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety. To get started try this:

Listen to guitar soloing songs at least once a week. This can also be done in your spare time.

Listen to your song lyrics and play along.

Do not avoid doing anything, just try to avoid things that make you feel stressed. It can help to talk to your partner about your anxiety and your fears.

If you don’t feel any relief and feel like you are getting worse then you can contact a professional therapist or mental health professional.

In my experience the most effective way to combat anxiety is to have fun and to enjoy yourself.

What else should I avoid if I have anxiety?

Avoid being alone so as not to have an anxious feeling. Always try to make sure that your partner is comfortable at the same time and to not turn the table to your anxiety.

When it comes to drinking and any other habit that you find stressful, like smoking, it’s recommended that you always try to stop yourself from doing something that makes you anxious.

Don’t keep playing with your guitar if you feel anxious or if you’re not feeling well. You don’t need to do anything that makes you anxious. If you have questions about coping with anxiety check out the video below:

Is there anything I can do to relieve anxiety?

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As mentioned above it’s recommended that you ask for help when your symptoms are getting worse. You can also check out an anxiety clinic in your area or try one of these self-help programmes:

Can anxiety help me with anything else?

Yes, anxiety can definitely help with any other anxiety symptoms you may have. To check out these other related mental health topics from The Mental Health Foundation

Is there anything that I have to avoid?


There are definitely things you can avoid if you are worried about being in anxiety. Check out the list of things to avoid if you find anxiety to be distracting:

Noticing or listening on the TV or in the car

Reading a book that you have started

Playing around with your pets

Hanging your guitar on a string

Using electronic equipment

Taking photos

Getting distracted by anything, you or other people

Going to any particular place to play loud music

Sitting in

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