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CALGARY — A Calgary city councillor says Edmonton police chief Rick Hanson is making claims about his police service that are simply not true.

“The chief of police’s story is false. It’s not true. It never took place,” said Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra of the allegations against Hanson.

“He’s made up a bunch of stuff, and I guess that’s where I get very angry.”

Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra says he’ll talk about an Edmonton city councillor’s claims against Calgary’s police chief at a council committee meeting Thursday. (CBC)

Hanson has been under fire since he was named chair of the city’s public safety committee, which oversees the police service.

Last month, he admitted to mispronouncing his hometown’s name, although he later apologized.

It was a public safety committee meeting Thursday that may well set the stage for Hanson’s removal as chief, if not his resignation.

“What is actually happening is, this city is a small town with lots of police departments and you know, you can argue that,” Carra said.

“But that’s just how our police force is, they are spread all over the city.”

Misdiagnosis ‘not good enough’

Coun. Jim Stevenson told CBC Wednesday that he has been in dialogue with Hanson about the issue.

“Rick’s mispronunciation of my town was not good enough. So we’re going to be talking at the committee meeting next week and looking into what can be done about that,” he said. “The chief obviously needs to know this is taking place.”

Hanson told Stevenson that he had never referred to Edmonton as “my little Canada.”

“I told him as a joke that I had to say ‘Edmonton,’ but as a way of conveying that, I never made reference to Edmonton,” he said.

The council meeting will likely be the first of a number more before Hanson’s future is decided.

A decision by council was expected shortly because of the fact that Carra has asked for it. Carra also raised the issue at Tuesday night’s council committee meeting, which was about

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