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If you’d like to have as much as a complete music education on any one instrument, try the full-length guitar curriculum that’s a perfect starting point. It includes everything necessary to start your studies — guitar chords, arpeggios, scales, strumming patterns, music theory, and more — and it will help you play your instrument in the most effective and efficient way every time.

There have been some changes in Windows and OS X in the last few weeks – many of which were due to the release of the new Windows 10 Creators Update.

Now it’s time for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (hereafter W10U). And while there isn’t yet any specific date for the release of this update to the end user – Microsoft says it will be released “some time between the summer and winter 2018” – you might get an indicator when you’re due for the update.

With the Anniversary Update being built on the latest version of Windows 10 – that will only be Windows 10 Creators Update – you’ll almost certainly get an update, whether you’re on version 1703 or not.

However, there’s only one big change between the regular W10U and Anniversary Update releases. The Windows 10 “Build 10124” upgrade, which Microsoft released last week, has been moved to version 10122. Version 10122 is the same as Windows 10 Anniversary Update 10123 released last year – which was released in summer 2016 – meaning any version of Windows 10 available from October 2016 should be able to apply to this update.

Now, some would argue that Windows 10 10122 should still be available for W10U installation, or that it should only be available for W10U installations until the new Windows 10 Creators Update releases.

Microsoft however insists this is not the case. It says a “build 10124” Windows 10 build is still being deployed for those who are experiencing issues or haven’t received a new build.

While this is certainly good to hear – which is not the same thing as saying you should not install Windows 10 10122 – it’s another hint that if you’re still planning to upgrade you should install the Anniversary Update, even if you are running a version up to version 10119.

There are a number of other small differences as well – for example, the new build has a slightly different language setup – although this is more important for language translation than anything else.

Still, it would have been nice to get a release date

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