Can I learn guitar at 30?

If your main instrument is bass guitar, that is one of the most exciting parts of your adult learning journey to date, to make sure you are able to play the most famous songs in the world (with great tone and dynamics), and you’re not worried about spending years in a guitar class. If your main instrument is vocals, you should be able to learn what you need. Music theory is a huge asset that can help you with the skills you need to express yourself clearly and effectively for the rest of your life.

How quickly do you think you can learn?

As you get better and better, the ability to absorb new information in a short period of time can become a skill. If what you learned in school didn’t do it for you, there’ll be something that could help you. Try a different music theory course, or try to make the study of theory more fun. Even if you’re not that good at music theory, if you know how to get through it to know what you’re trying to learn, and you just think it’s not so tough, you’ll see it as an opportunity.

How do you know which courses to take?

In order to learn a new field in music, it’s usually necessary to study and understand it well enough to use your background and strengths to your advantage. Take care and don’t get caught up in the big ideas or the jargon. Learn it by doing, and you’ll feel more confident on the road, too.

How do you stay focused?

The music you create is not your only way of thinking, and there are other ways of working out what you want to do and how the music that you’re writing about can help you achieve that. You may even have other goals that you need to work on in the background, too. So take a little time to read about what you want instead of just thinking about it and rushing through a music theory course. Don’t try to be in control of your future just before it begins. It might take as long as ten years in the future to figure out what you’d like to do anyway.

If you have any more questions about how to study music theory, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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