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There’s a big difference between being in-demand and being in-demand. It’s hard to get into major label music, and it’s harder to get into major label rock than it is to make hip-hop/rap hybrids. The major label scene is all about people who are big names already.

For the record, I’m still very popular at this point in my career, and I can still do whatever the shit I want to do; I don’t need to be a hip-hop artist. I just need to want to make music.

Is that what people mean when they say the big label scene is dying?


I’ve been on both sides of that argument, and if I have to make the choice, I’m in it for hip-hop.

I’ve got a real good feeling about the scene. I saw all these people who were saying I’m not that good, that I can’t act, that nobody thinks I know what I’m doing — all those people in the studio — and I feel like they’re absolutely right.

To be honest, when I was starting out, everyone had opinions about me. I had a reputation, and I was being labeled in a way that was very negative, but this is all new to me, it’s all new to my new band, and we’re just trying to have fun and play music for as long as possible. I think now, I might be able to use my background to help others do the same thing as me.

I think the whole thing, I’ve been listening to music my whole life, like, my entire life, so it could just be me hearing new music all the time — I’ll be able to have a lot more success in making music.

How does your family feel about you choosing this path?

My father has been one of the most influential people in my life, and I never really talk about the subject with him. I am kind of protective.

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My mom, that’s different. The people that have worked with me over the years, I’ve told them, “Hey man, do you want me to tell my dad that you’re doing this?” But the one thing she has done recently, she said, “Don’t let yourself down!”

I feel like my dad’s always been very supportive of what I do with the music, and he does the exact same thing for me. So

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