Can I learn guitar at 30? – Learn Bluegrass Guitar Free Online

Absolutely. All you need to get going is a guitar, and a desire to learn and learn to play.

So you are starting with an easy step, then as your progression and skills improve, you’ll add other advanced skills?

Absolutely. All I can say is that I’ve put off the hardest parts of playing the guitar, because the first ones to feel good and I can do, are the easy steps. Now I’m starting to do them. So my goal, to learn and master all the advanced things, is within my reach now.

Is that when you’ll have to give up a few things that you used to be able to pick up quickly?

Only time will tell. It might take 10 years to learn each key.

Has that ever happened to you? Is that ever your goal?
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At this point, it would be. But that depends on my lifestyle. If you start practicing too much, you won’t be able to play. It is like eating too many carbohydrates before a workout. You can’t build muscle. It’s a different lifestyle, but I think it’s important for a beginning guitar player to learn to stop eating carbohydrates for the same reason that the body breaks down muscle. It just takes a while to build up enough strength to play.

Why are a few new chords easier to learn these days?

I can do these things on an instant basis. It’s really hard to teach someone to play something really easy from scratch, so it all has to come together in a very fast, logical, and effortless way, so you’ll go from one chord to another in a moment.

That’s the only point. You can’t go from one chord to another on that instant basis. I can’t do that, and I won’t either. So I can’t tell you that you could do this in 20 minutes or two hours from now. But the progress has already been made.

Do you think there is a more advanced or technical level that we will eventually reach?

I doubt I’ll ever go there.

Maybe it’s time to start looking at doing it as a hobby?

Yeah. But I have found it very rewarding for a long time to learn these simple things for no monetary gain. We are making progress, and we do this all the time.

You say it helps you sleep better but I’m not sure that would explain why you’d get up and play the

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