Why is it called a flapper dress? – High End Flapper Dresses

The term flapper dress originally referred to what women wore in the 19th century to accentuate feminine features such as curving hair, a curved neckline, and flat or slightly voluptuous hips. This style was first popularized by the flapper Marie Antoinette from France. The name is no longer frequently used for a dress style as women today are more likely to wear jeans instead. The word flapper is no longer commonly used for a style but is still commonly used on clothing as it is the style of dress that is most closely related to jeans.

How are the layers of flapper dress constructed?

Flapper dresses consist of either pleated or straight skirts that are fitted together or flapped as needed to create an illusion of modesty in the bottom area. They often have small buttons at the front to add a little flair to what is otherwise a simple skirt. The pleated skirt and back are generally covered by a long skirt to create a beautiful, flowing neckline and back. As with all skirts, a plain blouse is typically worn underneath the skirt to conceal all of the details.

What is the difference between a bustier and a leotard?

According to the American Dress Institute, a bustier is an undergarment or outer garment usually worn for modesty to conceal breasts or other forms of breast tissue. A leotard is a full body covering used to cover the whole of the body by either adding a skirt to the waist, or covering the entire upper body or covering all of the body. Both a leotard and a bra can be worn under the skirt, but the bra only comes in one colors.

Do I have to wear skirts to weddings?
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No. Some women prefer to wear dresses or other non-skirting styles such as dresses with sleeves or t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Other women want to make their body appear fuller, or more slender. So it is best to wear skirt while attending a gathering such as your wedding to cover all of the details. Many companies feature different styles of skirts and dresses for different occasions. The key is to find the style that fits your body and looks good with the rest of your outfit.

Do I have to wear heels?

Yes, especially on your wedding day, when you are not wearing heels. Even if you wear flats, it is important to wear heels on the date. Women who wear flat shoes have it the hardest on the date because they are not

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