Why is it called a flapper dress?

Why is it called a flapper dress?

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Flamperin is a new hairstyle made by adding long side bangs with braids that wrap around your head to make a “flapper dress” look for women of any age.The design is made with a combination of modern hair, fashion and trends.

A girl with the new style of flapper dress. Falsamina, Bulgaria, 2005.

Falsamina, Bulgaria, 2005.

The design of the flapper dress has become so popular among women that it is almost compulsory for women to wear it. To make the look even more glamorous, you can also wear a wig with flapper dress.

Falsamina, Bulgaria, 2005.

The young women make a big fuss over the dresses and bridesmaids usually dress up as a flapper and have an attitude of ‘you are all the same.

Vintage Sequined Strapless Bridesmaid Dress – Retro Stage - Chic ...

The flapper is also called a flapper bridesmaid dress , flapper dress, flapper dress, flapper bridesmaid dress, blonde wig.


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