Why did flappers Rouge their knees? – Red 1920S Flapper Dress Costume

One reason is that they had no idea how to dress themselves. That way, they could keep their thighs nice and round while also showing their toned legs. When it comes to a great fashion statement, it’s the combination of feminine and masculine that’s best. A skirt should have knee-length stockings and a pleated skirt with cuffs. A pair of high heels should accompany it because they create a feminine triangle and bring the knees to the center. A white satin knee-length skirt with a white high heels or two high heels will complete the look.

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Flapper women in the 1950’s looked good in skirts, long hair and high heels.

The only problem with such a high-heeled silhouette? It doesn’t sit well with most men. Just like how wearing a skinny jeans with no pants will result in many unattractive looks. As a rule, men like to see women in tops that are either low cut or flat. These two styles are good in most occasions and work great with dresses, but they don’t exactly lend themselves well when it comes to heels. In this way, wearing flat heels on a skirt makes them appear too low, in contrast to how men like to see them.

How to wear a skirt that shows your legs without showing your butt

Here are some tips that will allow you to wear your knee-length skirt with a pair of high-heeled heels without looking too goth or girly.

If you’re wearing a skirt that has a natural waistband, you should be able to fit your hips and thigh area in. The only problem is if you don’t. For this reason, be sure that you have very soft, thin and smooth pleats all around the back of the skirt and just below your bust. (Don’t look down.)

If you have a waist at least three sizes too big, then you’ll need to consider another option. You’ve probably noticed that most skirts that had straps on top don’t have any at all. In those cases, just take off the straps. This will create a very feminine line and, without it, you will not be able to create the thigh-length skirt you want.

If your leg or waistband is too narrow for your hips, you can always try something else: wear the skirt with a belt. It will give an elegant and natural line and makes it look very feminine. When you’re wearing the skirt with the belt, it’s very important never

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