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There were two, both former contestants of the Miss Flapper contest. One of them, Betty Page, had been a contestant since the first Miss Flapper contest held in 1922 in San Francisco. As the flapper of the era, Betty Page had already appeared on the cover of every newspaper in the country. So, when she won, she became the talk of the town. But, because Betty Page was Jewish, the town was outraged. Her name had been changed from Betty Anne Page to Betty Anne Zipperer, and newspapers across the country ran stories saying she was Jewish and had changed her name from Betty Anne to Betty Anna M. Zipperer. These two flappers were the only women to appear in Miss American History, Miss Flapper, and Miss American Flapper. Betty Page lost, but the controversy did not end there. It wasn’t until the ’30s that Betty Page was given her full name, which was Mary Zipperer, but that did not matter. Many thought that Betty Page, the oldest of the sisters, would win the Miss American pageant due to her long blond hair. But one of Betty Page’s closest friends, Susan Zipperer, was the one who won. They were close, and the two sisters decided that it would be a shame not to give Mary Zipperer the title of Miss American. Susan Zipperer was born in 1919 in Los Angeles, California. That year, she moved to New York and met and married Harold Zipperer (H.J.) in 1925. Their son, James, became a well-known New York playwright, and later co-wrote the popular film, The Wild Bunch. The Zipperers later became major political and business figures in New York: from the 1920s through to the 1970s.

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Betty Page’s older sister, Barbara Page, was born in 1927 in New York City, a daughter of German immigrants. It wasn’t until she was 13 that she got her first name, Betty Elizabeth Page. Barbara was very smart and talented, and her mother encouraged her to keep trying to achieve her dreams. She went on to be a star in New York theater, acting in the plays of William H. Macy, and was a member of several prestigious New York society groups. (One of those was the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Theater, and she was appointed to its council in 1953.) The pageants she was famous for at the time were the Miss American Pageant, the Miss American Flapper,

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