Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves Plus Size

When I first started out, I felt that I never met the ‘best’ flapper. As a young woman, when I saw one I liked, I might take some photographs and post them online, but I did not really think about flappers at all, I just liked the look. Then one day I started reading about the flapper movement, it changed me from thinking I had found the one, I wanted the one. When I first came across a photograph of Joan Crawford as a young woman, I thought to myself, she’s so cute looking! I also did not consider myself ‘the best’ at flapping.

Can you think of any famous women who wore dresses or corsets?

When I started flapping, there was no such thing for me as a ‘popular’ style. There were no ‘hot’ fashion magazines; the pictures were usually of pretty girls from private school, with no fashion sense. The images were generally of plain girls in dresses or corsets. I was never considered ‘hot’ and was not the only one who was considered this way, but I did not like how the style was portrayed, so I refused to conform and went on to become an amateur flapper.

Did you ever learn lessons about dress form from other flappers?

I did not learn from other flappers about how they made their clothes, not only from the ones who lived the flapper lifestyle, I have also learnt from many female flappers. Even though I did not like the old-fashioned picture of the flapper, I am grateful that so many people who had been on the receiving end of this oppression, still do not feel ashamed of being a flapper, or who want to continue flapping.

What was it like living in New York in the 1920s?

At that time, New York was an American city, all the hotels, department stores, and businesses were run by the Americans. There were lots of hotels and some of them were run by American men. In many cities there was the term ‘hotel maid’, which meant something very similar to today’s maids, but there were no maids in New York. Women were allowed to work at the hotel in order to make enough money for their families.

What do you think it was like living without a man?

If I were to be blunt, it was depressing. Some of these jobs were very dangerous and men had only been permitted to do them while

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