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The flapper dress was designed by a Scottish artist of the same name in 1892.

The costume became a staple of the 19th century and has been on display at The Smithsonian Institution since 1902.
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Bertram MacLaurin – a celebrated Scottish sculptor and decorator – created the look using a variety of elements and was largely inspired by the 19th century costume seen above.

The flapper dress has an intricate lace neckline with a puffed bonnet and wide hem.

It has large round pockets and gilded buttons on front, which was likely made by a tailor.

The dress has two slits at one corner for the eyes and mouth (which were closed in the 1830s).

The dress also has a waistband, which was in use from around 1890 to 1910.

This means that it has been worn by female flappers and other dress lovers from the 1890s into the 1900s.

Bessie and other female flappers wore these dresses in their own time, and by other women.

The story was repeated by the British singer Bessie Smith in 1926, in her song, ‘The First Ladies’, that told the story of her early career.

In the song she wrote: ‘I was a flapper girl to my very first dance in the late afternoon of May Day, 1881.

‘The dress of the day was as pretty as my picture and the flapper girl was in her best dress – I think a French one, with a wide neck, wide sleeves and a high back, and had a large bonnet.

‘She was wearing a dark velvet cloak with a wide neckline and a puffy bonnet and she wore a pair of dark slippers with high heel. She looked like a lovely young woman in a nightdress and all the while, I thought I heard music. I looked, but I couldn’t see anything. But I wanted to see her and I couldn’t see her.’

The first female flapper in Britain, named Bessie, was born in Edinburgh in 1868, and was the daughter of a tailor.

The dress with bonnet had a red fabric, a dark bonnet, and a high back with narrow shoulders, the puffed bonnet and small waistband.

The dress and bonnet looked very similar to the early 1890s costume worn by British flappers in the mid 1840s, while the

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