Who is the most famous flapper?

Holly Golightly is the world’s most famous woman flapper. She became famous by flapping her gown in public for the first time on a Sunday afternoon in 1947, and it became a worldwide sensation. The only thing that stopped it was the word “wiggle” (which, like a lot of slang, she liked). She has done a thousand things that don’t require a lot of effort or finesse but still require a lot of nerve and finesse.

How do I say she had a great voice?

Holly “Wiggle” Golightly was a real flapper. In 1949, she was asked to sing with the orchestra during a performance at the New York Opera House. She had to do a bit of stand-up, too. She sang several aria in a row, with great style. She had a strong, funny voice. Her voice was so good, it was an embarrassment to have a flapper who sang in a falsetto style. Her voice was so well defined, it would put anyone to shame, except maybe Miss America. She was also a very good dancer and singer, but there was no flap or wiggle in her voice.

Have you ever met her?

Holly’s story of her being asked to sing in a musical is a little odd. She wrote me after my first interview. Her family came up to see her, and her father said,

“You can sing in a musical?” I said, “yes.” And he said, “You need a little practice.”

I thought I’d have some time to practice and then I’d be finished, but she said “I had a concert here in Denver. And that’s when it all started?” I said, “Well, how long did it take you to get over that feeling?” She asked, “Do you find it hard?” I said, “No.” And she said, “Well, that’s what your voice is for. It’s the instrument for making people happy. It’s a means of communication with those people. There is nobody better for that than me. She always told me, “It’s better to try than to know.”

Have you ever had one of her shows?

Yes. I was at a show in New York City in the 1970s. She was with the pianist and pianist John Adams. She was with the flapper group and they played the flapper songs. She was