Who is the most famous flapper? – 1920 S Flapper Dresses Images

That’s a hard question. The most famous flapper was Adeline St. James; she was the only American in New York City from 1800-1812, which puts her in a class of her day (that was all but unknown to most Americans). In 1832 her “Flapper,” as she was called, was married off to James K. “Jack” St. James. It was this first marriage that left one in awe. (They both have one daughter, Etta, whom they fathered in 1904. Etta’s parents were both Englishmen). The St. Jameses were very well off and, unlike most New Yorkers, they could afford the highest level of fashionable clothing. At the time of their marriage they lived in the Fifth Avenue Houses with their very fashionable children. The St. Jameses were a very “flapper” family; not exactly what you would call “flaming”. And yet they were considered very beautiful; a modern girl would have thought them very desirable.

Jack himself was the most famous flapper in New York City. It was said that he was so beautiful that the Queen of England wished to marry him. He was famous for wearing this fabulous gown, which he had woven from gold threads, but it was his hair which was the most beautiful. He had long curls and a very beautiful forehead. He went to the dances with a long blonde hairpiece on; this is still an object of desire among modern women. It is not something you do if you want to be a flapper, though.

So that is the most famous flapper. But what about the rest of her family and friends? As I mentioned earlier, they were known for being very fashionable. In fact, you could say that their lifestyle was a living advertisement of their good looks. It was said that this was one of those families that flitted between both the fashionable and the “troublefull”!

One of their daughters was the actress and singer Carrie Bradshaw. Bradshaw was often flapped about as a celebrity, but really, no one knows much about her other than what she admitted that she was flapped about. She was married to the English actor and writer Richard Burton; she had a small child at the time. Both her parents were educated ladies, but Burton was very high-brow and well-trained. The other girl was Etta Bradshaw who was married to the English actor Herbert Cumberbatch. This was the last of the St. Jameses

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